Our work


CAD Design and Consultancy

  • Surveys
  • Design
  • CAD Drawings
  • Local Authority Approvals
  • Traffic Order Applications

From a site survey through to the job on the road, Oneway TM will provide the fastest service available to gain all the necessary approvals and permissions for your works. Using the latest CAD / Traffic software Oneway TM can draw up proposals for any traffic / pedestrian management layout.


Traffic Management

  • Lane Closures
  • Contra-Flows
  • Priority Systems
  • Road Closure / Diversions
  • Tidal Flows

From the simplest of priority systems to high speed contra flows, Oneway TM can economically and efficiently design, install, maintain and remove your traffic management. Oneway TM’s personnel, equipment and vehicles will give the best possible image to your site.


Temporary Traffic Signals / Control

  • Two Way diesel powered systems
  • Two Way battery powered wireless systems
  • Multi Phase battery powered wireless systems
  • Plant Crossings
  • Convoy / Shuttle systems
  • Manual Stop / Go
  • Remote Robo Stop / Go

Using the latest in wireless temporary traffic signals, Oneway TM are able to configure traffic control at junctions with the most complex of layouts and can mimic existing multi headed permanent systems so as to maximize traffic flows.


Temporary Pedestrian Crossings

  • Basic two way Pedestrian Crossing
  • Pedestrian Crossing configured into any temporary signal layout

Oneway TM can supply approved temporary pedestrian crossing systems that will ensure the safety of the public whilst keeping traffic flows at their maximum. These systems are extremely flexible and can be installed and removed speedily to minimise disruption.


IPV Hire

  • Self Drive IPV Hire
  • Operated IPV Hire
  • Urban IPV Hire

Oneway TM can provide the latest in crash cushion technology to give the highest protection to both the public and workforce. Our short wheelbased urban IPV’s combine the safety of a standard IPV with a compactness to manoeuvre in the tightest of urban areas. These vehicles have proved to be a highly efficient barrier for short stay survey works in towns and cities.


TSCO Services

  • Black Card TSCO’s
  • High Spec and High Image TSCO Vehicles

Oneway TM can supply TSCO services to ensure the safest of working environments and provide recorded activity data for any site.


Event Management

  • Event Traffic Management
  • Event Plans
  • Barrier System Hire
  • Traffic / Pedestrian Marshalls

From the smallest of processions to national events, Oneway TM can carry out all of your traffic management requirements including design, multi agency approvals and getting the show on the road.


VMS (Variable Message Sign) Hire

Oneway TM can provide mobile VMS trailers for any highway works or special event, either to give advanced notice of works or to welcome visitors to venues, these signs stand out to give the best possible image. Our signs can be programmed for up to four pages and remotely changed as required, giving quick-time and precise information to motorists and pedestrians.


Plant Hire

  • JCB Hire
  • TM Equipment Hire
  • Barrier Hire
  • Signal Hire
  • Access Platform Services
  • Contract Lift Services

Oneway TM can provide operated JCB hire, self install signal hire and TM equipment hire, either collected form us or delivered direct to your depot / site. Working with Access and Lift partners, Oneway TM can provide services for High Level Access with truck mounted platforms or Contract Lifts with the latest mobile cranes.


Environmental Services

  • Litter Picking Teams
  • Road Sign Cleaning

Oneway TM can provide litter picking teams for the clearing of verges / central reserves and vehicle mounted washers for the cleansing of road signs. Utilising our traffic management equipment and experience, Oneway TM can provide a one-stop complete service giving a speedy and safe solution to your cleansing requirements.


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